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Exceptional service, setup, and an experienced multi-award winning wedding DJ. Gaz has been providing entertainment all over N.Ireland (and beyond) since 2006.

The Beginning

I've always had a love for music, and a passion for anything audio & visual related.

My first party, a birthday, was located in a local community hall, and I performed using a setup that was mostly borrowed.

Following on from that, I began planning, purchasing new equipment, and building on my experience performing at events of all types - all over the country.


What began as a part time job quickly escalated into a full time profession, as the number of parties and associated workloads increased.

Fast Forward

Today, I entertain guests from all over the world, at all types of venue, and at all locations.
Using some of the best equipment available, I'm equally at ease setting up and performing to a small crowd of 20 people, or a larger crowd of 400.
The services that I provide entertain guests of all ages, and there are tools available to help plan and personalise your evening.

In 2016 I won "Wedding Entertainment of the year", 2017 I was a finalist, 2018 won "Wedding DJ of the year", and again a finalist in 2019.
We now fast forward to the 6th Annual NI Wedding Awards, and I'm once again a finalist in the "Outstanding Wedding Supplier of the year" category.

Phone: 028 42757691 Mobile: 07834739050
Phone: 028 42757691
Mobile: 07834739050
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Gaz Entertainment
© 2022 Gaz Entertainment