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Event photography

Event, portrait and formal photography.

Card mounted photo prints (6x8) are available during events, with the photos printed as you wait. This service can be supplied with or without a backdrop, with prices varying depending on other services supplied.

Photography options are available both with a DJ package, and also as a stand-alone event.

Selfie Booth

The digital Selfie Booth package is included with most of our DJ packages (such as a wedding or birthday), and includes access to your photos via email, digital download and USB (depending on your package).
The selfie booth can be upgraded to include photo prints and a backdrop (subject to venue), or 6x4 photo prints can be purchased during the event as required.

Selfie Mirror

The selfie mirror is an upgrade to the selfie booth, and automatically includes photo prints. Backdrops for the mirror are available (subject to venue).

Selfie Booth with backdrop
The selfie booth with backdrop

Range of backdrops currently available

Get in contact for more information, availability and pricing.
Phone: 028 42757691 Mobile: 07834739050
Phone: 028 42757691
Mobile: 07834739050
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