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Selfie Wizard

The modern alternative to providing a instantmatic Poloroid or disposable camera for your guests.
The basic Selfie Wizard package is available for free with most of my packages.

It allows guests to connect to the provided WiFi network, and upload photos that they have taken throughout the day on their mobile phone. No app needs to be installed (it's operated with the phone's built in browser), and as it connects to the provided Wi-Fi signal there's no data usage for the guest. Messages can also be sent, and there are options available to personalise any content.

A personalised website address can now be setup with our new Weddpic service, (such as, and rather than having to join the Selfie Wizard Wi-Fi network (which can be confusing to some non-tech minded people), you can just enter in your very own personalised website address to upload photos. This is available as both a stand-alone product, or with any of my DJ packages.

Photos from the Selfie Wizard can be viewed on the provided screen, and you can get a copy of any images via a download link, or with your USB stick (with my wedding package).

If you would like guests to get a copy of any photos that they send in, you can add-on the prints package.
You can also have any photos included with the guest book album.

Options are also available to have a dedicated printing station setup, and an on-line version can be supplied so that guests that are unable to make it to the venue can participate.

Prices (when booked with a DJ package) :

Selfie Wizard prints - £125
Prints and guest book album - £175
Add prints to another print package - £75
Phone: 028 42757691 Mobile: 07834739050
Phone: 028 42757691
Mobile: 07834739050
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© 2022 Gaz Entertainment